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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

US Deficit up 33.8% in 2016 vs 2015

Here is something for Bob Brinker to talk about this weekend.

Between fiscal 2015 and fiscal 2016
  • Collections by the US Treasury grew by 0.6% to $3.27 trillion
  • Spending by the US Government grew by 4.5% to $3.85 trillion
  • The US budget deficit grew by 33.8% or $587 billion 
As long as I can remember, Brinker has said our government "spends like drunken sailors" which many think is an insult to sailors, sober or otherwise.

Here is my breakdown of the data in table form to add numbers they don't like us to know.

You can check my numbers here at the Treasuries "Final Monthly Treasury Statement"
This table adds a calculation for the monthly, rather than YTD change.

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