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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brinker Fixed Income Advisor Performance - 2008 Model Portfolio Returns

Below are the "Brinker Fixed Income Advisor" model portfolio returns for 2008 according to Mark Hulbert, editor of "Hulbert Financial Digest" a newsletter that rates other financial newsletters.

Brinker Fixed Income Advisor
(note 1)
(note 2)
Aggressive Portfolio 8.3% (21.7%) (15.2%)
Moderate Portfolio 6.8% (11.5%) (5.5%)
Conservative Portfolio 7.1% (5.2%) 1.5%

The Retirement Advisor
(100% in Fixed Income - no Stocks)




Note 1: Brinker Fixed Income Advisor 2007 Returns from January 2008 issue of Hulbert Financial Digest "Long Term Performance Ranking"

Note 2: Brinker Fixed Income Advisor 2008 Returns from January 2009 issue of Hulbert Financial Digest "Long Term Performance Ranking"

I can not find portfolio returns listed on the "Brinker Fixed Income Advisor" web site. Given that every model portfolio lost money last year while the Total Bond Market was up over 5%, I can understand why the Brinker's might want to make their returns hard to find.

Please contact me if you have actual portfolio returns published by Brinker.

VBMFX - Vanguard Total Bond
Index Fund
6.92% 5.05% 12.32%

Note 3: Mark Hulbert says his returns may differ slightly from what Brinker reports. For example, he reports better 2008 model portfolio returns for "Bob Brinker's Marketimer" newsletter than Bob Brinker himself publishes.

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