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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Moneytalk to End - Last Moneytalk Broadcast Today

It looks like Bob Brinker's Moneytalk radio show is finished.

I got this Google Alert on Friday:

"ILoveYoga" reported on that today was the last podcast for his "Moneytalk on Demand" podcast service. 

That is not surprising.   Few listen to the FREE Moneytalk podcasts:

What a change from 20 years ago!  

I hosted a "Bob Brinker Discussion Forum" back when I was trying to do at Suite101 what Facebook became.  At the peak of Brinker's popularity, I believe I was getting over 20,000 hits a day to discuss Bob Brinker's recommendation to buy QQQ at the top of the internet bubble.  

Now not 500 will listen to a free podcast in the archive!  


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This link to free podcasts Free Bob Brinker Podcasts shows that only 366 people have listened to any of his 9/23/18 Moneytalk podcast, even after I sent it to several thousand on my Brinker Fan Club mailing list.  I was going to send it to the other half  of my email list this week but there was so little interest that I may not get to it.
and more recently

10/1/18 Update:  From
As such, I changed the title from " Moneytalk to End - Last Moneytalk On Demand" to "Moneytalk to End - Last Moneytalk Broadcast Today."

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