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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Market Timer Bob Brinker's Special Bulletins

Marketimer Special Bulletins are Simply a Bob Brinker Marketing Ploy

I am amazed at the thousands of hits per day we're getting here after months of far less. My guess is people who once subscribed to Bob Brinker's Marketimer newsletter got an email alerting them of a Special Bulletin. Rather than pay Brinker for another "Gift Horse Buy" bulletin like he issued in 2007 just before the Stock Market collapsed, they search the internet to see what it is about, perhaps out of curiosity to see if it is again another contrarian indicator or will he flip the coin correctly and get it right this time.

The bottom line is how does it matter?

Brinker has been FULLY INVESTED in the STOCK market with his Portfolios one and two 100% in stocks since March 2003!!!

For the last few years, he's written "dollar cost average" and "dollar cost average on weakness." When asked how long a periods to dollar cost average, he usually says a year.

A year ago, the S&P500 was above 2100.  Today it is 1918, about 9% lower.

The S&P500 is quite a bit LOWER now than it was a year ago and we've had four periods of even more weakness into the 1800s.

Anyone who cares enough about his advice to PAY for it would be fully invested via dollar cost average or simply lump summing into his portfolios when they subscribed to his newsletter.  A bulletin here to BUY would only be useful as ADVERTISING MATERIAL so he can talk about it if or when the market recovers to the 2100s where he was fully invested and saying "dollar cost average into the market."  If the market crashes like it did when he issued a buy bulletin before the financial collapse, then he'll simply never mention it on the radio, cut off callers who ask about it and talk about his fixed income only portfolio and how well that is doing.

An email alert I got from a money manager who follows Brinker said
"Bob Brinker feels the U.S. is in a “soft patch” and not going into a recession.  He believes the market is going throw (sic) a correction and remains constructive on the stock market."  
Make sure you read my three new articles:
  1. Feb. 23 2CS Indicator Back Above 20 After Market Rallies 7.5%
    In the past two years, buying the S&P500 when the 2CS was under 30 has yielded good results within a few months. Buying when under 20 has produced even better results."
  2. Feb 18 SPY Up Sharply Since Sentiment Charts Suggested Another Tradable Low 
  3. Feb 11 With SPY Down 14% Again, Sentiment Charts Suggest Another Tradable Low       
Don't fall for his nonsense!    If you want an HONEST newsletter that actually buys stocks when the market is down then takes profits when it is up, I believe there is none better or more honest than Kirk Lindstrom's Investment Letter Service.  (of course I do!)

Find out what I am buying with the market testing major lows!

Subscribe NOW and get the February 2016 Issue for FREE!!!

 If you don't believe me, come to Facebook and ask some of my subscribers who use real names to follow me.  Brinker couldn't take the heat and stopped live, uncensored interactions with his subscribers after they complained loudly about his awful QQQ advice.  I'm honest and don't have any trouble with current and past subscribers.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bob Brinker Podcasts for February 2016

From past updates of:
New Podcasts for February 21, 2016   2/21 Hr 3:
Bob reviewed the important data for the coming week.
Guest Maria Konnikova author of:
 The Confidence Game: Why We Fall for It . . . Every Time
NewArticle:  Market Timer Bob Brinker's Special Bulletins

New Podcasts for February 14, 2016
2/14 Hr 3: Bob reviewed the important data for the coming week.

Guest Alec Ross.  The Industries of the Future
Alec said the lack of competition and accountability is one reason we have so much trouble in the education system.

Podcast for February 7, 2016
2/7 Hr 1: Be your own financial adviser.  Brinker advises a women with a 92 year old mother who is 50% in stocks and 50% in bonds while paying a financial adviser 1% a year for an $850K portfolio. Brinker likes 30% in Total Stock Market Index (VTSMX) & 70% in fixed income securities, do it yourself and save $8,500 a year.

Don't miss  With SPY Down 14% Again, Sentiment Charts Suggest Another Tradable Low  
  Click to see charts and full article

Chart 2b: AAII American Association of Individual Investors Sentiment Survey

  Click to see charts and full article

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