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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bob Brinker's Background

As the unofficial biographer of Bob Brinker and keeper of sacred knowledge of the inner workings of the long term stock market timing model, I believe I may be able to offer some background information on Mr. Brinker.

For starters, he graduated from LaSalle College High School. He obtained an undergraduate degree in economics from LaSalle University. He was in the Masters Program at Temple Univesity Radio School of Broadcasting.

Mr. Brinker was also a racetrack announcer in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He was track announcer for Sprint Car and Midget Car racing at Hatfield Speedway, and Modified Stock Car racing at Nazareth Speedway and Harmony Speedway. He also announced at Fort Dix Speedway. Bob even did harness race announcing at Dover Downs. Dogs and cars didn't satisfy his craving though! Bob even was a broadcaster for Big Five NCAA basketball and Princeton football.

Prior to starting with Moneytalk, Bob worked in two positions primarily over a 20 year time frame: He worked as the U.S. portfolio manager for the London-based Guardian Royal Exchange Group and before that, as a vice president for the Bank of New York.

In October of 1981, Bob began broadcasting a weekly investment program on WMCA in New York. It was only broadcast in New York. In 1986, Bob started Moneytalk which was broadcast nationally by the ABC Radio Network.

- David Korn,

Editor of David Korn's Stock Market Commentary, Interpretation of Moneytalk (Bob Brinker Host), Financial Education, Helpful Links, Guest Editorials, and Special Alert E-Mail Service.

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