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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Top 100 Talk Radio Shows in 2008

TalkStreamLive has published their list of the "Top 100 Talk Radio Shows" for 2008. The rankings were determined with 642,247 unique internet listening sessions. Bob Brinker, host of ABC Radio's "Moneytalk with Bob Brinker," came in 58th place. Larry Kudlow, who used to be a guest host for Bob Brinker in years past, is way ahead now at number 40.

Moneytalk with Bob Brinker has ranked much higher in past surveys of radio listeners. Surveys are estimates. This is an actual ranking of real internet radio listening sessions. If Brinker draws from an older audience, then you would expect him to score lower on an internet survey than on a radio survey since the internet has a younger demographic . The trouble with radio over the air is there is no way to measure actual audience.

Here is the full list:
1 Tammy Bruce
2 Laura Ingraham
3 Rush Limbaugh
4 Michael Savage
5 Glenn Beck
6 Sean Hannity
7 Mark Levin
8 Neal Boortz
9 Dennis Miller
10 George Noory
11 Monica Crowley
12 Bill Bennett
13 Michael Medved
14 Bill O’Reilly
16 Dennis Prager
17 Hugh Hewitt
18 Dr. Laura
19 Rusty Humphries
20 Mike Gallagher
21 Lan Lamphere - Patriot Brigade Radio
22 The Lion’s Den - Plains Radio Network
24 Jerry Doyle
25 The Right Perspective
26 Alex Jones
27 Paranormal Radio
28 Larry Elder
29 Roger Hedgecock
30 Quinn & Rose
31 Michael Reagan
32 John Batchelor
33 Phil Hendrie
34 Lou Dobbs
35 Dave Ramsey
36 Art Bell
37 Lars Larson
38 Kim Komando
39 John Gibson
40 Larry Kudlow
41 Bill Cunningham
42 Walton & Johnson
43 Randi Rhodes
44 G. Gordon Liddy
45 Howie Carr
46 Jay Severin
47 Stephanie Miller
48 Ed Schultz
49 Robert Scott Bell
50 Adam Carolla
51 Outlaw Radio
52 Bob Grant
53 Bill Handel
54 Roy Masters
55 Al Rantel
56 Clark Howard
57 Brian and The Judge
58 Bob Brinker
59 Mark Simone
60 Thom Hartmann
61 The Captains AMERICA
62 Bob & Tom
63 Tom Sullivan
64 Steve Malzberg
65 Barbara Simpson
66 Leo Laporte
67 Ian Punnett
68 Alan Colmes
69 Jackie Mason
70 Michael Smerconish
71 Tom Leykis
72 Armstrong & Getty
73 Curtis Sliwa
74 Dr. Joy Browne
75 Mike McConnell
76 BUBBA the love sponge
77 Rachel Maddow
78 Bruce Williams
79 Bill Press
80 Wake Up America
81 Doug McIntyre
82 Midnight Trucking
83 Julie Briggs
84 Mark Belling
85 Pat Gray
86 J.D. Hayworth
87 Frosty, Heidi & Frank
88 Jim Bohannon
89 Joey Reynolds
90 Janet Parshall
91 Rollye James
92 Rob, Arnie & Dawn Show
93 Jon Arthur Live
94 Chuck Harder
95 Phil Valentine
96 John & Ken
97 Michael Graham
98 Content Black Woman
100 Michele McPhee
List courtesy of

Brinker might want to look at why his former guest host, Larry Kudlow, has soared ahead of him in the rankings. Both Brinker and Kudlow started 2008 as huge bulls so their terrible market predictions does not explain the difference in popularity. Brinker is more moderate politically than Kudlow who is a proud member of the GOP that served on President Regan's administration. If you have any ideas why Larry Kudlow is more popular, post them in the comment section. Who knows, maybe your observation will help Brinker in 2009 improve his ranking.


  1. I would be curious if you have a way to find the on-air rankings i.e. airbitron. I do not know how to get them. I used to look at something called talkers magazine but they update the rankings about once a year which does not seem that helpful.


  2. I can't find Brinker on the internet. Maybe a lot of other people have the same problem, that's why his rating are so low.

  3. Nikos

    Most of the ABC stations are on the internet. KGO KABC WABC WLS WMAL.

    At one time Bob Brinker had stations listed on his website. I do not know if he does.

    You can also subscribe something I am not going to do.



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