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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bob Brinker Turns Bearish!

After calling buying opportunities all the way down from the top with a rare "gift horse" buying opportunity for the S&P500 in the mid 1400s, Bob Brinker is now a bear. Without going into further details, this picture is worth a thousand words why.

This next chart shows Brinker's buy levels for "new money" since 2007.

Note, Bob Brinker has been fully invested since March 2003. He rode the great bull market all the way to 1576 then down to 676 without taking a dime of profits so he had no money to put to work near the lows.

For the clueless, this is an "April Fools" prank which means I was joking and Brinker is still bullish and looks for a higher market in the future. Enjoy your day!

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