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Monday, July 27, 2009

WABC Radio NY Drops Moneytalk Hosted by Bob Brinker

How to Listen to "Moneytalk hosted by Bob Brinker" with a PC

We are getting many questions from people in New York who used to listen to "Moneytalk hosted by Bob Brinker" on WABC radio. WABC used to carry Moneytalk live between 4PM and 7PM EST but the show has been replaced (see new schedule below.)

How do you find the show on the internet?

Check the comments section of this article and maybe people will post stations they listen to. The trouble is many stations preempt the Moneytalk for sports so you often have to search around and miss the opening monologue before you find a station with the show.

What I have been doing is recording the show automatically with "Replay A/V - Replay Radio." That software automatically finds an internet station that carries the show then records it automatically to my hard drive. I then have it automatically convert the data to MP3 so I can put it on my iPod if I want to listen away from my PC while on a bike ride or working out at my gym.

You can demo the software for free and contact customer service if you have troubles.

Read more about it here:

How To Record Bob Brinker's Moneytalk
Record Moneytalk on Demand!
Don't miss shows or pay monthly fees.

It's Like a TiVo™ for Internet Radio!!!

This is the new WABC schedule:


Start Finish Show Name
12:00AM 1:00AM Curtis Sliwa
1:00AM 6:00AM Paid Programming
6:00AM 7:00AM Garden Sense
7:00AM 10:00AM Mark Simone
10:00AM 1:00PM Larry Kudlow
1:00PM 4:00PM Monica Crowley
4:00PM 6:00PM Real Estate Today
6:00PM 9:00PM Saturday Night with Mark Simone
9:00PM 12:00AM John Batchelor


Start Finish Show Name
12:00AM 1:00AM John Batchelor
1:00AM 2:00AM Paid Programming
2:00AM 5:00AM Coast to Coast
5:00AM 7:30AM Paid Programming
7:30AM 10:00AM Religion on the Line
10:00AM 12:00PM Ric Edelman
12:00PM 2:00PM The Money Pit
2:00PM 4:00PM Travel Show Live with Erik Hastings
4:00PM 6:00PM 77 WABC Local Talk
6:00PM 7:00PM Paid Programming
7:00PM 9:00PM 77 WABC Local Talk
9:00PM 12:00AM John Batchelor


  1. why did abc radio drop BOB.

  2. I miss listening to Bob Brinker on WABC radio on Saturday and Sunday. How can I catch his program?

  3. WSTC 1400 in Stamford, CT and WNLK 1350 in Norwalk, CT carry all three hours of Bob Brinker on both Saturday and Sunday. As well these stations do not carry the same annoying commercials as WABC or that obnoxious biased newscast from the ABC network. Henry M

  4. nice post Thanks for Sharing

  5. KABC is now pre-empting Bob all day on Saturday here in Southern California. The past several months have just been the first two hours, now he's not on at all on Saturday. The first infomercial show is local with Armando Montelongo (A&E's flip this house) and a guy named Vituci...they buy up properties in Indianapolis, IN (that's the hot place this week)and sell them to buyers with management and tenants already in place. The second infomercial hour is another local show with a direct mortgage broker in Pasadena and a real estate lawyer answering questions. The third hour is two guys selling "alternative investments" which are selling the old insurance viaticals (I forgot what they call them now on the show) where they cash in on dying folks insurance policies and they are also in bed with a contractor that builds alzhiemer facilities and refinaces them in 4 years, all with a minimum investment of 25K.

  6. On Sunday 10/25/09 a caller told Bob KABC was pre-empting him for an NFL game. Bob became quite irate, accusing the caller of spreading false rumors that the show was not on KABC. The football game WAS on KABC at the time.

  7. His shows are very informative and if you mention shady annuities wow, he's humorous when ''irate''.

  8. Does anyone know if I can download MoneyTalk DIRECTLY to my Ipod Touch? I will be traveling I will not have access to my laptop...So far I can't figure out how to dl unless I connect my Ipod to my Laptop... Tks! KAL


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