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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Bob Brinker's Balanced Portfolio Advice

Bob Brinker now recommends retired listeners following his "balanced portfolio" have 30% to 70% of their investment portfolio in the stock market. 

This is a HUGE change for Brinker. I remember a caller to his show near the 2007 bull market highs before the last two bear markets was in Brinker's "Balanced" Model Portfolio #3 which was 2/3rds in equities. The caller asked Bob if they should re-balance this portfolio back to 50% equities and 50% fixed and Brinker was adamant that this was not his advice. This could be a good "contrarian indicator" that near-permabull Brinker is now far less bullish on stocks then he was at the peak in 2007 when they were much higher. 

 Read the full summary of this call at:
Note.  Brinker's Model portfolios #1 and #2 remain 100% in equities while his "balanced" model portfolio #3 was close to 2/3rds in equities as of the May 2012 issue. 

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