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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Mark Levin Slams Bob Brinker Over Economy

Mark Levin slams Bob Brinker, referencing the StarShip Moneytalk as The GoodShip Moron from Mark Levin show 07-03-2012.

Mark Levin is a regular host on KSFO, Monday through Friday from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. He didn't have kind words for Bob Brinker. Mark Levin on KSFO.

  • "There was one of these weekend shows, some guy giving advice. Not Ric Edelman. Somebody else... I actually like listening to him. Somebody saying we're not in a recession because the stock market has done great this year."
  • "You got to be on the good ship moron to think the economy is doing well."
  • "Weekly wages over the year dropped by 1.7% to $955 from a high of " 
  • "wage depression was wide spread..." 
  • "Manufacturing activity shrank in June for the first time in three years as new orders dried up" 
  • "I'm not playing games on the Good Ship Moron!"
  • On "Government Motors" or GM:  "Taxpayers are still out $26.4 Billion in direct aid.   Shares would have to hit $53 for us, you and me to break even."
  • Bad economic news "won't stop Obama from running around patting himself on the back, undermining our bankruptcy laws and the captain of the "Good Ship Moron" tuning around telling us how wonderful everything is.  Well it is not wonderful. Most of the economic indicators suck"

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