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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Stock Market Performance

2013 so far has been a most excellent year for stocks.  A simple, low cost, fully invested portfolio with 70% in total US and 30% in international index funds is up between 25% and 26.9% YTD after the first 11 months of 2013.

Simple, 100% invested in Vanguard Stock Index Funds PortfolioTotal US Stock Market IndexTotal International Stock Index
YTD Gain/ (loss) as of 11/30/1329.93%13.63%
Weighed Return20.95%4.09%
Combined Return25.0%

Fidelity has done better than Vanguard due to different international composition.... 

Simple, 100% invested in Fidelity Stock Index Funds PortfolioSpartan Total Market IndexSpartan International Index
YTD Gain/ (loss) as of 11/30/1329.95%19.66%
Weighed Return20.97%5.90%
Combined Return26.9%

Obviously, more diverse portfolios with things like bonds, emerging market stocks, REITS, TIPS, gold, cash, CDs, iBonds won't be up as much as those asset classes have greatly under performed the US stock market this year.  Of course, that is what you want so you can take profits in what is up and buy more of what is down or up less to get smoother returns over the long haul.

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