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Friday, January 31, 2014

Bob Brinker, Jim Cramer & John Bogle: Trending Financial Advisors

Interest, on a relative basis, in Bob Brinker has steadily fallen over the past decade. It is interesting to compare interest in Brinker to others like Jim Cramer and John Bogle.

Bob Brinker
  • 2004:  Interest level was 100
  • 2014: Relative interest level is 9, down 91% in a decade. 

Jim Cramer   

Interest in Brinker and Cramer has fallen as I believe people realize they make more noise tooting their horns than actually helping people make money.

While interest in both Brinker and Cramer has fallen, Cramer received far more overall interest on Google over the last decade:

This shows interest in John "Jack" Bogle, founder of Vanguard group which I use to construct my core newsletter (Subscribe) portfolios, is down also.

John "Jack" Bogle
  • 2004:  Interest level was 100
  • 2014: Relative interest level is 40, down 60% 

Mark Cuban

Mark Zuckerberg

Snapshot for Jan 2004 to Jan 2014

When I used to run the "Investing and Personal Finance" section of Suite101 back in 2000, interest by the general public in investment topics was at a peak.  I remember my one topic about Bob Brinker would get more hits in a single day than this blog gets in a whole month. 

This general lack of interest is good news for contrarians.

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