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Friday, October 05, 2007

Bob Brinker Bullish and Fully Invested

Market Hulbert reported today at MarketWatch that the best long-term stock market timing newsletters are still "charging ahead." Mark reported of Bob Brinker's Marketimer:

"Bullish. In his most recent issue, published in early October, editor Bob Brinker wrote: "We expect significant additional stock market progress into next year as investors discount growing corporate earnings in an environment of low inflation and benign interest rates." His model portfolios are fully invested."

Mark reports that Bob Brinker is not a "lone voice in the wilderness" with his bullishness. Of the top nine market timers over the last decade according to Mark's formula, none of them are bearish! (See list below.)

S&P500 @ 1542.84
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The other market timers are:

  1. Blue Chip Investor: Bullish. Editor Steven Check's model portfolio is 92% invested in equities.
  2. Chartist and Chartist Mutual Fund Timer. Bullish. Editor Dan Sullivan. Sullivan's model stock portfolio currently is 72% invested, and his model fund portfolio is currently 98% invested.
  3. Investors Guide to Closed-End Funds: Moderately bullish. Editor Thomas Herzfeld's "U.S. Equity Funds" model portfolio is around 48% invested.

  4. Medical Technology Stock Letter: Bullish. McCamant's model portfolio currently is 93% invested, while his "Trader's" portfolio is aggressively bullish, with 183% invested (83% on margin, in other words).
  5. No Load Fund Investor: Neutral. Editor Mark Salzinger is currently allocating 70% of his "Wealth Builder" portfolio (his most aggressive) to U.S. equities.
  6. Timer Digest: Bullish. Editor Jim Schmidt bases this newsletter's market timing model on a consensus of the top market timers. The newsletter's model portfolios currently are about 60% invested in stocks, on average.
  7. Vantage Point: Bullish. Editor John Harris's model stock portfolios are fully invested.

With today's great jobs report (US Economy Gains 110,000 Jobs in September 2007) we should expect the stock markets to rally to new all time highs today.

DJIA @ 13,974.31

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Mark Hulbert's Full Article: "Best long-term market timing newsletters still charging ahead."

© Kirk Lindstrom

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