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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bob Brinker Fan Club Special Alert

As Honeybee posted in the article "Bob Brinker's Market Timing"

Bob Brinker is currently very bullish on the stock market. As he has said on Moneytalk and in Marketimer, he rates the S&P 500 Index “attractive for purchase on any weakness that occurs in the area of mid-1400’s.” Above that level, he recommends a “dollar-cost-average approach.”
$1450 qualifies as "mid-1400s!"

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  1. A caller on today's (1/26/08) program suggested the government adjust the rebate checks to the cost of living in different locales.I think that's an excellent idea. Bob Brinker agreed it was a good idea but stated the Federal government has no means to do that. I don't think he is aware that Federal government employees already get additional locality pay for higher cost areas. There are separate charts which reflect the percentage increases for 33 different locales throughout the country. This information is readily available at

  2. Nearly four years after his "Gift horse buy" for the S&P500 from the upper 1500s... he's still calling for buys without ever selling anything!

    Bob Brinker has been FULLY INVESTED, 100% in stocks in his two model portfolios, throughout the worst bear market since the Great Depression... yet he pretends he's making timing calls with new buys ever time the market is down.

    Why? So he can brag about sending a "buy alert" to his newsletter subscribers on the radio!!!! Heck, if you keep sending buy alerts, now and then you get one right and get to brag about it then sell newsletters to new listeners.

    What a racket!

    I am glad there is a link to Bob Brinker's asset allocation history on the website. It is nice to see someone keeps an honest record of Brinker's advice!


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