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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Record Moneytalk with Bob Brinker to your PC and Listen Anywhere - Anytime for FREE

We get a lot of questions from people asking why Moneytalk with Bob Brinker was removed from their local radio station, when will it return or what station can they listen to on the internet that has Moneytalk. 

We've found the easiest way to listen is to buy the software package "Replay AV" then record the show automatically each Saturday and Sunday to our PCs. 

I've been using ReplayAV to record Moneytalk for years and seldom listen live since I can skip the commercials.   I've found it can take just over an hour to listen to a full 3 hours of the show due to the numerous commercials and station breaks.

You can then listen to it any time you want and fast forward the numerous commercials.  Some upload the recordings to their iPods, iPhones and other MP3 devices to listen away from their computers. 

Steps to record the show:
  1. Try it for free first by downloading ReplayAV here
    The download file also includes Replay Converter and Replay Player.

  2. Once download has finished, click Open or Run from Current Location to begin the installation process.

  3.  Run ReplayAV

  4. Click "Open Recording Wizard" in the lower left hand of the window.

  5. Click "Browser the Media Guide"

  6. Click "Pick from 1330 Radio Shows"
  7. Type "Bob Brinker" in the "Show Name" box.

  8. Click "Find Show"

  9. Select a station from the list and click the little green plus sign that says "Add" under each show description.

    For example, click "Add" for "KCMO 710 AM Kansas City, MO" Saturday and Sunday.

  10. A box called "Edit Show Properties" pops up with the name "Bob Brinker 's Money Talk"

    Click "OK" button at the bottom of the window.

    Advanced Settings:

  11. Click "Splitting" tab and check "Split tracks every __ minutes" box and enter 10. I do that so I can listen while recording the show 10 minutes after the hour and skip through commercials.

  12. If you want to listen on your iPod, under "Basic" tab, set "After Recording, Convert to Audio - M4B iPod Audiobook (32 Kbps)"

    Replay Player can play back all formats and this lets you upload the file to your iPod.
  13. To find where Replay put temporary and final files for the show, click "File" and the "Folders" tab.

    C:\Users\BrinkerFanClub\Music\_Replay AV\
The best part besides fast forwarding past commercials  for all radios shows is you can record YouTube videos to your hard drive to upload later to your iPod and other video players.

Never miss your favorite Radio Shows.

Try it now for free! 


  1. you can record it for free using microsoft's SOUND RECORDER but for some reason mine can't record now for more than a few minutes?! Does anyone know why? Says to close out some things cuz not enough room? We added more RAM to our max...forgot what it was..but still doesn't work...

    Now i'm using AUDACITY for GREAT! Exports to mp3 and I think wav or wmv file...

    IN both cases one has to

    1) open (xx click) the sound/volume icon on lower left toolbar for XP.

    2) click on OPTIONS, then Properties

    3) click on on OK

    4) Select STEREO MIX

    FOR MICROSOFT SOUND RECORDER look for it in START and ALL PROGRAMS, then ACCESSORIES, ENTERTAINMENT. At least that's where mine is....

  2. The advantage of ReplayAV is it records it for you automatically onto your hard drive.

    If you want an easy way to get the show, KGO has it in their archives for the week following the broadcast. Sunday 1 to 1PM PST

    That is easier than trying to get old XP software working!

  3. hmmm? You mean w/out having to click EXPORT? Well if people want to pay for that feature they can. I'm sure it'll work on the newer OS also...

    But I didn't see 'til now that it records youtube video...that's sweet. I was using CAMSTUDIO but had problems with that also.

  4. "it records youtube video...that's sweet."

    I think replayAV records any flashvideo site including pornotube

    and I was able to upload "adult" videos to my ipod nano

    a lot of fun things beyond recording Brinker's show


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