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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bob Brinker Makes National Radio Hall of Fame List

Bob Brinker and 15 others made the 2010 National Radio Hall of Fame (NRHOF) nomination list.  

Bob Brinker joins Carl Kasell, Bob Kingsley and Howard Stern (Howard Stern Fan Club) on the 2010 list of nominees in the "National Active" category.

One of my radio favorites, Ron Ownes of KGO was also nominated in the "Local or Regional - Active" category.

Bob Brinker was nominated last year too.  See Bob Brinker Nominated to 2009 National Radio Hall of Fame

The National Radio Hall of Fame online balloting will begin on June 14, 2010 and will end at midnight on August 1st. Votenet, a highly respected online vote tabulating firm, will supervise the balloting.

Voting is free and open to the public; however a simple online registration will be required. Please visit to learn more.

The NRHOF Steering Committee will meet on August 4th to ratify the voting results and will then select additional 2010 inductees, including worthy posthumous and non on-air individuals.

The National Radio Hall of Fame inductions will take place during a live national radio broadcast from Chicago on Saturday, November 6th. Westwood One will produce and distribute the two-hour broadcast at 10 p.m. (ET).

1 comment:

  1. News Update: For the second year in a row, Bob Brinker was nominated but did not make the National Radio Hall of Fame for the “National-Active” category.

    New Radio Hall of Famers: Cathy Hughes, Carl Kasell, Terri Hemmert, Ralph Emery

    Don't feel Bad Mr. Brinker, they say Howard Stern was nominated four times and has yet to be inducted. Your grand kids will have to keep Moneytalk going to get a shot at the “longest-running radio broadcast in America” category.

    Also elected to the National Radio Hall of Fame: “Music and the Spoken Word”, the “longest-running radio broadcast in America”, having debuted in July 1929 and featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The selection of NPR newscaster Carl Kasell (“castle”) means that Howard Stern didn’t make it in the “National-Active” category, despite being nominated four times now. Also nominated in that category were country countdown veteran Bob Kingsley and Citadel Media-syndicated financial advice-giver Bob Brinker. Chicago personality Terri Hemmert is the winner in the “Local or Regional-Active” category, which also featured Leslie Fram, Luther Masingill and (KGO's) Ronn Owens.


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