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Monday, July 18, 2011

Best Savings Account Rates

This survey updated this weekend shows the highest savings account rates we can find with FDIC or NCUA (National Credit Union Administration) insurance.
Savings Account Rate Survey

Latest Survey - Last (June 2011) Survey 
Savings Account Rates (APY) as of July 16, 2011
1.15% at at CapitalOne through Costco
10% Interest Bonus on Interest earned & up to $60 if bought through
InterstPlus Online Savings - $10,000 Minimum Balance for the bonus

1.15% at at Discover Bank
  Online Savings Account, No Monthly Fees, $500 Minimum Balance

1.10 % at CapitalOne
InterstPlus Online Savings - $1,000 Minimum Balance for this Rate

1.00 % at American Express Bank, FSB
Online Savings Account -No Monthly Fees, No Minimum Balance

1.10 % at Sallie Mae Bank
High Yield Savings Account, No Monthly Fees, No Minimum Balance
10% intrest rate bonus with "Upromise" match (see restrictions and rules to qualify)

1.05% at Nationwide Bank
Access your cash anytime via ATM, check or online, $1,000 Minimum Balance

1.04 % at Ally Bank
Online Savings Account - No minimum, no monthly fees.

1.01 % at EverBank
Yield PledgeSM Savings Account, $1500 Min Balance

1.00% at StarOne Credit Union
Money Market Savings Account, $50 minimum, no monthly fees.

1.00% at ING Direct
Orange Savings Account. No Fees. No Minimum Balance.

0.85 % at FNBO Direct
Online Savings Account. No Min Deposit. No Maintenance Fees.

0.80% at HSBC Direct
Online Savings Account. No Fees. $1 to open, $0.01 Minimum Balance 

WTDirect 0.76 %
Personal Savings Account, $10,000 minimum balance for this rate

If you are aware of any banks with better rates, please let me know so we can add them to the next survey. 

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