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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Moneytalk Summary for July 17, 2011

Today Bob Brinker started the show out by saying his Moneytalk program is "the longest running investment broadcast in America and for that to you we say thank-you very much."
Debt Ceiling:
Brinker's first topic of the day was declaring that the debt ceiling must be increased. He says we have 14.4 trillion dollars  in national debt with well over one trillion dollars in annual treasury sales. He said some "so called presidential candidates out there stomping in Iowa" who are "calling for the US government not to raise the debt ceiling." Brinker said you can cross these off your list as "a person who is not qualified to run the country."

Who to Tax to Pay for Debt we have?

Brinker said he doesn't want to see tax rates go up on the middle class but he would not care if they raised the rates on top earners from 35% back to 39.6%.
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