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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Market Update - Brinker said Remain Fully Invested

July 31, 2011 Moneytalk Update:
Bob Brinker remains fully invested. Last Sunday, July 31, 2011, Bob Brinker said it was amazing how the stock market had taken all of the debate over the debt ceiling in stride. He said the S&P 500 was "setting about 5% below its closing high for the year, which is truly amazing."
Of course, the market is now at 1292, a couple of percent higher than when that call came in at the end of June. So this is what happens. If that individual would have sold out at 1270 at that time, he would be faced now with either sitting it out or re-entering at a higher level.
Bob Brinker went on to say he was not part of the "panic crowd"
August 6, 2011 Market Update:

S&P 500 Intraday
S&P 500 Closing

Date of last bull market high 05/02/11
Date of last all time high 04/29/11
Last Market High 1,370.58
Last Market High 1,363.61
Date of last low 08/05/11
Date of last low 08/05/11
Intraday Low 1,168.09
Closing Low 1,199.38
Decline in Points 202.49
Decline in Points 164.23
Decline in % 14.8%
Decline in % 12.0%

S&P500 YTD with my "auto buy" level shown with a dashed blue line
click image for full size graph
August 6 Market Update - July 31st Advice

August 8 Market Update:
A devilish decline in the S&P500 today, 6.66%!
Makes you wonder if it was on purpose.


  1. Bob Brinker took Sunday August 7, 2011 off. The last time he was on the radio he boasted about how the market (S&P500) was at 1292 and only down 5% from its bull market high.

    The futures tonight at are 1093.50, nearly 200 points lower in just over a week!

    I find it ironic that the option he ignored, that is buying now under 1,100, was something he didn't want to consider. Hubris get you every time!

    Sitting in for Bob Brinker Sunday was KGO's business reporter Lynn Jimenez. If you follow that link, you can read more about her as well as read what others think of her.

  2. Here are the market statistics. Another day like today and it will be another bear market Brinker went into fully invested for a complete blindside.

    S&P 500 Intraday
    Date of last bull market high 05/02/11
    Last Market High 1,370.58
    Date of last low 08/08/11
    Intraday Low 1,119.28
    Decline in Pts 251.30
    Decline in % 18.3%

    S&P 500 Closing
    Date of last all time high 04/29/11
    Last Market High 1,363.61
    Date of last low 08/08/11
    Closing Low 1,119.46
    Decline in Pts 244.15
    Decline in % 17.9%

  3. Bob posted an alert last night 8/9/11.

  4. Is my browser broken?

    I got an email that said there was a bulletin on Bob Brinker's web site.

    When I went there and logged in, the message said there was no bulletin.

    I cleared my cookies and tried again with the same result.

    Do others get the same message?


    Not even a word of assurance not to panic after boasting on the radio at 1292 that anyone who sold to avoid the credit and Europe messes might have to buy back at a higher price.

    Stock market falls like a rock nearly 200 points and he offers no reassurance to his listeners.

    Rather than call in to Lynn on Sunday to reassure his audience he stands by his 100% fully invested position, he uses the fear to try and sell more newsletters sending a bulletin that says there is no bulletin!

    What a jerk!

  6. How can you call yourself a market timer when you cannot time the market. Why did all of his subscribers ride the market to the bottom in 2008. A monkey could have done that. I could flip a coin and make better decisions. It looks like he is doing the same thing again. Why pay $185 for this. Why has he not made an apology to his subscribers for current advice and especially for past losses. His last good decision was 2000.


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