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Friday, December 02, 2011

KGO Drops Moneytalk with Bob Brinker

Update Dec 7:  Bob Brinker hosted his last show on 50 kilowatt KGO on Sunday Dec. 4, 2011.  He found a new home on 5 kilowatt (less powerful transmitter) KSFO (Detailed Story).

December 2:  Today the San Francisco Examiner reported KGO dropped "Moneytalk with host Bob Brinker" and many of its other talk shows due to falling ratings.

 On Friday, December 2, Owens told listeners that he had "survivors' guilt" but is excited about the new format.   Owens told listeners he was "numbed" by the news and felt bad for his friends and former co-workers.    He brought on the station's news and program director, Paul Hosley, who told listeners that slipping ratings with the station's longtime all-talk format was the reason for the change.
Hosley told KGO-TV, Channel 7,  "We thought that there would be a better opportunity to build audience by going to a semi-all news format.  Our talk format has been wonderful over the years for KGO, but the audience really hasn't stayed with us. The audience isn't there. We believe that news will attract more listeners."
We knew ratings were bad when they dropped Moneytalk from Saturday, but now Sunday afternoons will be hosted by Brian Copeland and Stacy Taylor.
Weekend talk
The weekend shows will remain partially intact.  Karel will remain 7-10 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. According to the station's online schedule, Pat Thurston will take over 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. on weekends.   Spencer Hughes takes over the 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. weekend slot that had been occupied by Bill Wattenburg, according to the station's Web site.   Wattenburg apparently among those who have been let go.   Wattenburg's Web page on the KGO site had been removed.
Bob Brinker's Moneytalk show, which had aired on Sundays at 1-4 p.m. is no longer on the station's schedule and neither is  Joanie Greggains.

Gene Burns' weekend Dining Around show has also been cancelled.  
Joanie Greggains did a show about exercise and Gene Burns' show was about eating out, usually at fancy restaurants.  I guess Brinker's show did so poorly helping people make money that they couldn't afford to eat out and thus didn't need to exercise! 

The good news for many is Ron Ownes, who was on weekdays from 9AM until Noon, will keep his popular, highly rated, show.  

New Sunday schedule as of Dec 6:
Start Finish Show Name
12:00AM 1:00AM Spencer Hughes
1:00AM 5:00AM Red Eye Radio
5:00AM 8:00AM Brent Walters
8:00AM 11:00AM Pat Thurston
11:00AM 2:00PM Brian Copeland
2:00PM 5:00PM Stacy Taylor
5:00PM 7:00PM News Talk
7:00PM 10:00PM Karel
10:00PM 12:00AM Spencer Hughes


  1. Kirk,

    It's interesting that KGO claims their talk-show audience wasn't staying with them.

    I am convinced that the audience has been migrating to KSFO for some time now.

    This must boggle the minds of those who run the two stations since KSFO has all conservative talk show hosts and their ratings are very high and growing.

    Who wudda thunk it in the SF bay area?

    This may turn out to be a very good move for Bob Brinker.

  2. Well, given you are very conservative in politics, I can see why you think KSFO is growing relative to KGO. My guess is KSFO is growing well for those who want a conservative station in the SF Bay Area where mere Democrats in SF are looked upon as conservative by the majority who are far to the left. The growth rate is probably pretty good but they have a much smaller reach due to the lower power. I'd love to see a chart of listening audience size for the various Bay Area stations so let me know if you find one.

    I take KGO at their word. They've talked about replacing Moneytalk with their own people for years.

    The facts are KGO canceled several shows like Moneytalk from their 50,000 Watt station for ratings. Their big competition is KCBS-740AM, another 50,000 Watt station that I and most I know listen to when driving here over KGO.

    KSFO at 5,000 Watts is only one tenth the power of KGO and KCBS so far fewer listeners will be in range of the broadcast tower. On KSFO, Brinker will be on with two other financial shows that will give a stark contrast to what Brinker sells. I believe both Alan Bond and Ric Edelman think market timing is for con artists so it will be interesting for Brinker to follow them later in the day. I'll probably write more about the stations (KGO vs KSFO) and the different shows in another article.

    BTW, if Lynn is no more on Moneytalk as a guest hostess, then we'll know her positions was a bone thrown to KGO in an attempt to keep the show on the station. Now that this reason is gone, I expect they may find someone better qualified.

  3. lynn jiminez (kgo) was a terrible fill in host for Bob Brinker...she constantly made far left political comments on the show and the listeners let the show/bob brinker know and money talked...she is NO MORE and Bob is NO MORE on KGO...he must learn to keep these type of racist people like Lynn off the shows

  4. Why would you say Lynn Jiminez is a racist? For sure she is a San Francisco liberal, but calling her a racist is a very strong accusation.

  5. Brinker was also kicked off 50 KW WHAM in Rochester New York.

    "My “happy new year” came to a screaming halt when it was announced that “The Savage Nation” was being removed from the WHAM schedule. After a parade of local hosts tried and failed, it was Dr. Michael Savage who salvaged this station’s evening audience and ratings from oblivion when this show became syndicated 11 years ago.

    This now joins Bob Brinker’s “Moneytalk” (another independent voice) in the absent column.

    WHAM is a clear-channel talk radio station in Rochester, New York, owned by Clear Channel Communications. Its 50,000-watt transmitter is located in Chili, New York, and the station broadcasts on 1180 kHz.

  6. ‘Bob Brinker's MoneyTalk' returns to KABC
    Published: Jan. 15, 2012 12:00 a.m.

    KABC/790 AM has brought back one of its most popular weekend shows, “Bob Brinker's MoneyTalk.” The personal-finance advice program has been on and off the station over the years, but when management was looking to make its own investments in weekend programming, it wisely brought Brinker back.

    He's on live 2-4 p.m. Sundays. It's the last two hours of Brinker's three-hour national show, and listeners can call in at 800-934-2221

    Highlights of weekend KABC shows include the following:

    “The Kim Komando Show,” 7-10 a.m.;
    “Larry Elder on the Law,” 10 a.m.-noon;
    “KABC Medical Show” with Dr. David Kipper and Peter Tilden, 1-3 p.m.;
    food and wine writer Merrill Shindler, 4-5 p.m.

    Leon “The Motorman” Kaplan, 7-10 a.m.;
    Dan Levin “Investment Talk,” 10-11 a.m.;
    Bob Brinker, 2-4 p.m.;

    The Peter Dills Show (restaurants), 7-8 p.m.;
    “Flophouse Radio” with Roger Rodd, a show all about playing poker, 9-10 p.m.

  7. I do hope KGO drops Bob Brinker. He is out touch with working man and regular investor.


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