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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SU - Suncor Energy - A Brinker Individual Issue

Bob Brinker listed Suncor Energy Inc. (SU Stock Quote and Charts) as one of his individual issues in his January 1, 2013 Marketimer. This article reports on how SU has performed.

About:   Suncor Energy Inc., together with its subsidiaries, operates as an integrated energy company. The company primarily focuses on developing petroleum resource basins in Canada's Athabasca oil sands; explores, acquires, develops, produces, and markets crude oil and natural gas in Canada and internationally; transports and refines crude oil; markets petroleum and petrochemical products primarily in Canada; markets third-party petroleum products; and engages in energy trading activities. It operates in Oil Sands, Exploration and Production, and Refining and Marketing segments.  (More at Yahoo! Finance
SU YTD Performance vs S&P500
Brinker's History with Suncor Energy Inc.:  In his May 4, 2009 Marketimer, Brinker wrote, "We rate Suncor attractive for purchase in the mid-20's price range."  
  • Suncor's low that day was $27.50.  He missed and should have remained patient...
  • Then in the June 2009 issue of MT, he raised the buy level for SU to "low $30's" which allowed him to buy on the decline to $33.34 (my definition of low 30s). 
Here is a chart of Suncor Energy from 2007 with Bob Brinker's buy range shown with dashed green lines.
EVERYONE has stock picks that don't do well.  What matters is how they do in total if a subscriber were to buy them according to the advice given.  Brinker usually says no more than 4% in any individual stock but he is unclear on how much in ETFs.  For example, would 10% in GLD and VTI, two of his individual issues, be acceptable to him?  Someone should call Brinker and ask him to account for his "individual issue portfolio" in his reported results and give a clear, easy to understand recommendation on how to use his "individual issues" as I do in my newsletter for my "Explore Portfolio."  

Bob Brinker doesn't include the performance of his "individual issues" in his overall performance. He could easily report their annual performance like I do for my Explore Portfolio performance here

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