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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Bob Brinker Moneytalk Summary - June 2013

Who takes more vacations, Bob Brinker or President Barack Obama? It is no contest on who works fewer days each month.

This weekend, Bob Brinker is off again.  His substitute is  Guest Hostess Lynn Jimenez

My guess is Bob would have had plenty to say about
  • the NSA surveillance scandal
  • the IRS targeting scandal
  • the IRS extravagant, million-dollar conferences
  • and the exploding national debt. 
Fortunately, on Friday night Jay Leno of NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" trashed the feds from all sides.  

Notice the difference in audience reaction for a Mitt Romney tax joke.  Californians are a bit sensitive about attacking the president while they love to hear jokes about rich Republicans.

As for Bob Brinker, he remains fully invested as he has since March 2003.

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  1. In the June Marketimer, Brinker gave an S&P500 target of low to mid 1700s.

    The S&P500 is 1643 so 1750 would be 107 points high for a gain of only 6.5%. That is not a big gain.

  2. I have been a Marketimer subscriber for a short time now, and have money sitting on the sidelines waiting to invest. Every month, Bob says the same thing about being vigilant, never mentions putting new money in the market, and then the S&P keeps soaring past his targets until he catches up in the next newsletter. Meanwhile, I have missed most of this bull market because he has been saying that we are in a cyclical bull in a secular bear. I think he is wrong. I think we must be in a secular bull and that he has really blown it. I would really appreciate any thoughts/input.
    Thank you, Charlotte

    1. Personally, I think it's a secular bear.

  3. haven't listened to him in awhile. But his mantra has always been "dollar-cost average" into the market. Meaning that you should always put something in whether it is going up or down. Case in point... I bought 10k worth of stocks just days before the market tanked about 3 years ago. At the point, stocks were at an all time high. During the recession, I thought I would never get my money back. But here I am, with a 20% return. Personally, I would invest small amounts in mutual funds and maybe try and pick out a few stocks that are weak at the moment. Gold might present some interesting opportunities shortly. Just don't bet the farm on it or you will get burned!

  4. has bob recently mentioned a swap out of GNMA's


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