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Friday, October 24, 2014

Did You Buy on the 10% Correction Weakness?

For several years Moneytalk host Bob Brinker has said he likes to dollar cost average on weakness with new money.  By my eyes, this chart shows the market corrected by 10% and many stepped in to buy which caused the market to soar.

Note too that this correction touched my dashed green support line and the depth of the correction was the "best weakness" the market has seen going back to 2012!

Intraday "Correction" Statistics for 10/24/14

See S&P500 Chart
  • Last Market High 09/19/14 at 2,019.26
  • Last Market low 10/15/14 at 1,820.66
  • Current S&P500 Price 1,964.58
  • Decline in Points = 54.68
  • Decline in percent = 2.7%
  • Max Decline = 9.8%
=>This means the decline from intraday high to intraday low is 9.8% and we are currently only 2.7% the all-time record high.

On October 13, I posted this FREE blog article:

On October 15, I posted this FREE blog article:
Did you do any buying on the recent 10% weakness?

I did!  I also sent email alerts to my newsletter subscribers announcing we reached some of my buy targets published in my September newsletter as a reminder.

For more market data, see:

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