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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

New and Historical Series I Bond Rates

Bob Brinker used to talk about Series I Bonds on the radio but he never added them to his model portfolios or list of recommended individual issues that he used to recommend things such as Gold via GLD before the price of gold collapsed.  It is too bad as I hold some I bonds from 2001 with 3.0% base rates. That means if inflation is 1.5%, those iBonds pay about 4.5%!

The Bureau of the Public Debt on May 1, 2015 announced earnings rates for Series I Savings Bonds and Series EE Savings Bonds, issued from May 1, 2015 through October 31, 2015.

I bond fixed rates are determined each May 1 and November 1. Each fixed rate applies to all I-bonds issued in the six months following the rate determination.

The Current I Bond Composite Earnings Rate is 0.00%. That is ZERO, squat, nada, nothing!   Obviously, these CDs are much better:


For more about how I Bond Rates are calculated, see 
Disclaimer: I own Series I Bonds in my personal account (some have base rates of 3.0%!  I also currently have them in my Newsletter Explore Portfolio.

For my advice on what to do with your older I bonds as well as new money, read my newsletter!

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