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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Moneytalk Podcast & Show Summary for Sunday

This Sunday's show was a live.  I only have the link for the first hour podcast listed below but I will post links to the podcasts as (if) they become available.

Next Sunday you can Listen Live  to Moneytalk with Bob Brinker at:
  • Phoenix, AZ:  KFNN 1510AM:  All three hours
  • Denver, CO:  KNUS 710:   All three hours
  • (1PM to 4PM PST, 4PM to 7PM EST)
Moneytalk with host Bob Brinker podcasts are now available for free.  Listen now by clicking the links or right click and save the mp3 file to your hard drive and listen later.

Hour 1: In the monologue, Bob Brinker discusses the Greek bailout.  
  • Bob says Greece got $123B 5 yrs ago, another $146B 2 yrs ago for a total of $269B.
  • Now Greece needs more money but does not want to cut government payments to Greek Citizens.  
  • Bob told callers they should not pay off 3% home loans. (I agree with this and have advised my subscribers that a 3% loan for some of your net worth is a great inflation hedge, especially since the Federal government subsidizes it with tax deduction.)
  • 42:40 Dale: Bob would hold on to I-Bonds with 1.4% base rate even though they currently pay zero for the next six months.  I agree, see New Series I Bond Rates 
  • 45:20 Deborah: Bob said paying $600 a year to get help for managing a $200,000 portfolio at Vanguard is fine with him.  (The core portfolio funds in my newsletter are similar to what Vanguard will recommend and it only costs $150 a year!)
  • Listen at  Money Talk - 5/17/15 Hr 1 
Last week, Sunday May 10, 2015, was a compilation of "The Best of Brinker" with no mention that the calls and advice were from the past.

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