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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Brinker Buying Opportunity - Stock Market Testing August Lows

At the start of the month I wrote here that Bob Brinker was looking for a test of the August lows to issue a buy signal.
The initial stage of the current major correction (more than a 10% decline) has taken the S&P 500 Index into the 1800s range. Now that the initial correction stage is completed, Bob expects the S&P to stage a short-term rally which will run out of steam and roll over into a test of the initial bottom area. The establishment of an initial area of a correction bottom, followed by a successful test of the bottom area, is a pattern of market behavior that has occurred many times and has led the market higher going forward.
Brinker's been fully invested since March 2003 so if you follow him, it would only be useful if you inherited or found money and were taking his advice to dollar cost average it into the fully invested position he recommends.

Market Update and comparison to August 25 closing low data.It will be interesting to see if all who said they would buy on a test of the $SPX low are buying now that we are there. $SPY $DIA
Posted by Kirk Lindstrom's Investment Letter on Monday, September 28, 2015
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IF Bob Brinker gives the buy signal on this "test" of the lows described on my facebook page yesterday, AND you are following his advice, THEN you would stop your "dollar cost average program of new money" and "lump sum" it into the market right away.

I took very significant profits when the markets were higher and put some into the market including when we made the lows last month.  

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