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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Low Oil Prices Are Here For Awhile - How Safe Are Your Dividends?

On Sunday January 9, 2016, Bob Brinker took a holiday and KTVU reporter Tom Vacar was the guest host.

More about Tom Vacar

I posted links where you can listen to the show at
In the first hour, Tom had a fascinating interview with Severin Borenstein, professor or economimics from UC Berkeley - The Energy Institute at Haas (Haas is the Haas School of Business where people get their MBA at UC).

Severin Borenstein explained why the Saudi's probably have not cut production and why there is good reason to believe low oil prices will be around for some time to come.

  • More supply coming online from Iran and Iraq that could make up for any cuts in production by the Saudi Arabia.
  • Fracking technology increased supply in the US so it should spread to the rest of the world, especially China where using natural gas will allow them to reduce green house gasses and polution by switching from coal.
  • "We are not on the verge of running out of oil in the US or the rest of the world."

If you own mutual funds and stocks for dividends, especially any related to energy, then I suggest listening to this discussion while asking yourself "how safe are my dividends?"

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