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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another Bob Brinker Buy Signal Possible

Bob Brinker fans take note! Today the market closed a tiny bit lower than its October 10, 2008 low but on lower volume.

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More S&P500 Charts

This is the type of "successful test of the low" that BobBrinker has used in the past to give buy signals. I would not be surprised if he issues a bulletin soon.

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Of course, Brinker has been fully invested since March 2003 and gave many buy signals at much higher levels already. Thus any announcements of a new "buy level" now would be more entertainment than value to his subscribers.

Chart of Bob Brinker "All-In" Buy Levels
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More S&P500 Charts

My Recent Buys

Using profit taking dollars from selling shares (announcement in pdf) when the market was higher, I recently purchased Google (GOOG Charts) at $310 for my personal and newsletter explore portfolios. I also bought Spiders (SPY charts) at $87.54 for my personal core portfolio to rebalance when the market was at an extreme oversold level.

Fixed Income: I also recently purchased a 4.30%, 1-year CD at Wachovia Bank.

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