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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all readers of the Bob Brinker Fan Club blog.

See if you can guess or make funnier captions for these pumpkins:

Pumpkin #1
#1: Bob Brinker after he sees the S&P500 returns to four digits (1000s) without him issuing a buy signal in the 800s and 900s despite buy signals given in the 1400s, 1300s and 1200s!

Pumpkin #2
#2: A message to Bob from Marketimer subscribers still holding QQQQs (Charts) they purchased on Bob's advice eight years ago in the $80s (now only $32.89) who are still holding for "future recovery" on Brinker's advice. (See Bob Brinker's QQQ Advice if you don't get the joke.)

Pumpkin #3
#3: Happy Cassandra feasting on bullish pumpkin portfolios now much smaller after the huge bear market. (See "Bob Brinker's May 31, 2008 Cassandra Rant")

Pumpkin #4
#4: A tentative, green investor looking to see if the bear has any more teeth before he considers getting back into stocks. Odds favor he will miss the bottom by a long shot.

Pumpkin #5
#5: A Bear Meat Burger: What I hope to be eating soon after buying stocks and Spiders (SPY) at lower than current levels when the market was near the lows.

Kirk's October 31, 2008 Update: This market sucked big time as it seemed there was significant forced liquidation with few buyers stepping forward with cash as hedge and mutual funds liquidated to meet redemptions. This is the sort of action major bottoms come out of, but it can get darker before the dawn. October is a good month for major bottoms and I did major buying for my explore portfolio with the hope this October is no exception.

The good news is we are now in the "Favorable Season" for stock market returns based on historical data.
The temptation to sell when all others are selling is very strong. Just remember "It's a Wonderful Life" where Potter was buying when all were selling at pennies on the dollar. It is now 2008 and Potter has been replaced by Warren Buffett and the US government. BOTH Buffett and the US Government are buying.

We've got a long history of muddling through so as long as you maintain liquidity by ALWAYS keeping cash reserves, markets going down are usually great opportunities.

Since 12/31/98 "Kirk's Newsletter Explore Portfolio" is UP 157% vs. S&P500 only up 9.9% vs. NASDAQ down 5% vs. Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway up 85% (All through 9/30/08) (More Info)

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