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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Gil Gross Replaced Bob Brinker at WABC-NY

We get a lot of emails asking what happened to "Moneytalk" hosted by Bob Brinker on WABC in New York and why was KGO-AM in San Francisco's business reporter Lynn Jimenez chosen as a permanent guest host for Moneytalk. I believe the answers to both questions are very much related.

On July 27, 2009 we reported
WABC Radio NY Drops Moneytalk Hosted by Bob Brinker.
Then on August 16, 2009 we reported and asked
Gil Gross' "Real Estate Today" Replaced Bob Brinker Moneytalk at WABC in NY. Is KGO in SF Next?
WABC replaced "Moneytalk" with Gill Gross's nationally syndicated, two hour "Real Estate Today" radio program. Gill Gross does the 2 to 4PM weekday slot on top ranked KGO-AM. (KGO is 810 on your radio dial in the San Francisco Bay Area.) Gross replaced the late Pete Wilson in 2007 at KGO and has done a fantastic job replacing a Bay Area icon.

In the Bay Area, "Real Estate Today" is now heard on "Hot Talk" KSFO 560-AM on Saturdays from 1 to 3PM. Los Angeles gets the show on "Talk Radio" 790 KABC-AM on Saturdays from 8 to 10AM.

Citadel owns KABC, KGO and KSFO plus Moneytalk. If they replaced "Moneytalk" with "Real Estate Today" in New York it was probably due to ratings since they own both shows. I believe Lynn Jimenez was picked as a permanent guest host for Moneytalk for several reasons including:
  • Brinker is getting old and could retire or die early like his parents did.
  • Demographics: Women and Hispanics are under represented on financial radio shows carried by major networks.
Several times in the past years, highly qualified Terry Savage was the guest host whom I thought was FAR better than Bob Brinker at actually listening to callers' questions and giving answers unbiased by the need to sell Marketimer newsletters. Terry would have made the ideal replacement, perhaps even moving Brinker to part time status in preparation for retirement.

From the "Terry Savage Fan Club"
Terry's financial knowledge comes from experience in the trenches. She started her career as a stockbroker, and became a founding member -- and the first woman trader -- on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Savage was also a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange's International Monetary Market where she traded interest rate contracts and currency futures. She is a registered investment advisor for both stocks and futures.
I have exchanged emails with Terry and continue to get her regular emails on both her fans and friends lists. Terry had expressed an interest in doing Moneytalk as the regular guest host but I believe she was passed over for Lynn Jimenez because Lynn has the Hispanic demographic and, probably more importantly, Lynn is already an employee of Citadel through KGO in San Francisco. Similar to baseball, Citadel prefers to bring up cheaper talent through the farm system than going out to get a high priced, very talented free agent.

For more information, see:

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