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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Dancing Bob Brinker

For anyone still holding TEFQX or QQQ per Bob Brinker's advice to purchase these securities in 2000 before the market melted down, this one is for you.

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Bob Brinker's dancing is similar to his advice. He gave aggressive "off the books" advice to buy QQQQ and TEFQX back in 2000 that worked out poorly. Clients in his money management company, the BJ Group, had no choice and all portfolios were put into the NASDAQ100 before it crashed. Brinker likes to advertise his "model portfolio" results that stayed mostly in cash but we know better. Brinker has "danced" around questions about this advice ever since.

=> Bob Brinker's QQQ Advice
  • We recommend Marketimer subscribers with aggressive objectives invest 30% to 50% of existing CASH RESERVES in QQQ shares in order to exploit this opportunity.
  • Also we recommend subscribers with conservative objectives invest 20% to 30% of CASH RESERVES in the QQQ shares in order to take advantage of this opportunity.
=> Bob Brinker's TEFQX Advice
  • Brinker, Feb 8, 2000 MT: TEFQX=$15.99; "Firsthand e-Commerce Fund is the newest addition to the Marketimer No-Load Fund Recommended List on Page four...... We have ALWAYS viewed books, toys and on-line auctions as the tip of the iceberg for electronic business. We believe business-to-business transactions will greatly surpass retail e-commerce including software development tools, database providers, hardware manufacturers and service providers.

    We are very positive on the potential for the internet growth track to carry forward through international penetration. We are hopeful the fund will be able to add many of the best positioned B2B companies going forward. Many of these companies are not yet publicly owned but will come to market in the future."
TEFQX Chart:
QQQ Chart
More QQQQ Charts

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