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Monday, May 16, 2011

New Bond Fund DLTNX DoubleLine

A caller this weekend noted that in Bob's last Marketimer he made a change in the Income Portfolio going to the Double Line Total Return Fund. The caller questioned the reason for that particular fund while noting it had a higher expense ratio. He also questioned the duration.
The new fund is the "DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund" with a ticker DLTNX for investor shares and DBLTX for institutional shares with $100,000 or more to qualify for the lower expense ratio. We wrote a full report for this call with our warnings about the fund at 


THis Sunday Bob had on Harry Nothhaft to discuss his book, "Great Again: Revitalizing America¹s Entrepreneurial Leadership." 

1 comment:

  1. So it is true what the article and lawsuit say. He admits to drugs and porn in his office!

    From a Barron's article "The King of Bonds"

    "As for "the sex tapes and such," he says, they represented "a closed chapter in my life."


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