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Monday, February 13, 2012

Moneytalk Old and New Regulars Lynn Jimenez, Bill Flanagan & Dr. Bill

This weekend Lynn Jimenez was the guest hostess for "Moneytalk with host Bob Brinker." There was some confusion posted in the comments section of our announcement "Lynn Jimenez Named Permanent Guest Host of "Moneytalk with Bob Brinker" that I will address here.

Lynn Jimenez was named as the permanent guest host of the nationally syndicated radio show "MoneyTalk with Bob Brinker" back the fall of 2009.   At that time, Lynn celebrated 20 yeas as the weekday morning business reporter on the number one radio station in San Francisco, KGO.  KGO also carried "Moneytalk with host Bob Brinker." 

KGO is no longer the ratings leader in the Bay Area.  That position currently belongs to KCBS "All News 740AM & 106.9FM." In an attempt to catch up with KNBR or even regain their number one rating slot, KGO dropped several shows including those of Bob Brinker and Dr. Bill Wattenburg.

In December of 2011, KGO dropped moneytalk for poor ratings KGO Drops Moneytalk with Bob Brinker. On December 7, the owners of 50 kilowatt KGO decided to add Moneytalk to their 5 kilowatt (less powerful) station, KSFO. It appears they kept Lynn on as the permanent guest host.

For as long time, Bill (William G.) Flanagan (Bill Flanagan Fan Club) was the regular substitute for Bob Brinker. Bill wrote a very good book called "Dirty Rotten CEOs" where he accurately described how CEOs were (and are) "Fleecing America."   Bill died last year and Bob Brinker paid tribute to him during his February 5, 2012 broadcast.

Some have confused Bill (William G.) Flanagan the guest host with one of Bob's regular third hour guests "Dr. Bill" Wattenburg (website) who was also fired from KGO (story) the same time Brinker's show was dropped.



  1. S&P at 1350 now

    If the market goes up another 110 points it will be in Brinker's gift horse buy zone!

    funny he doesn't talk about that on the radio


  2. Lynn Jimenez, host 2/12, was so aweful I had to change the channel. Completely ill-prepared about the subject matter and the production as a whole was just poor. Introducing guests with only seconds to the break...I just couldn't listen.

  3. I'm glad KGO dropped MTalk and put it on the less powerful station KSFO. MTalk actually gets decent Sunday ratings for most stations that carry it. However, if you're in a "Satellite" market to San Francisco (ie: Stockton, Monterey or Santa Rosa) it's really hard to develop an audience for MTalk because so many of the potential listeners are tuned to the out-of-market SF station KGO with its giant signal. Having MTalk relegated to a smaller station now means that MTalk listeners in the outlying areas are forced to listen to the program on their local station which is a good thing for the local stations.

    1. Bob Brinker's (wife? apologist? or da man himself) wrote:

      "I'm glad KGO dropped MTalk and put it on the less powerful station KSFO. MTalk actually gets decent Sunday ratings for most stations that carry it."

      I've never seem more lipstick on a pig than that last sentence.

      How would anyone know what ratings are for small stations with and without "MTalk," Bob?? Also, how would listeners with their stations tuned to KGO in their cars know to look for obscure little stations that "might" carry the show? I don't believe a word of it.

      But nice try.

  4. So far this year, Lynn Jimenez has filled in for Brinker on the second Sunday of each month:

    January 8
    February 12
    March 11

    This way, clueless listeners who turn in the first Sunday of the month hear Brinker talk about everything but his market outlook since he just published his newsletter.

    With Lynn doing the Second Sunday, Brinker can avoid talking about his views "... as we said in our recent investment letter...." until the third Sunday...

    Anyone "desperate" to see if he is not a permabull any more will have to pay for his newsletter.

    Of course, most of us know he has been fully invested since 2003 and Dilbert recently wrote an article saying he's only made two market timing moves in the past 25 years and one was unprofitable (ie he sold near the bottom after the 1987 Crash) and the other one was good but you had to ignore his QQQ advice. The good folks here point out his portfolio is much lower if you include the QQQs.

    That Brinker is ONE SMART OPERATOR... beware!


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