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Friday, August 01, 2008

Vanguard Funds YTD Returns Through July 31, 2008

Bob Brinker discusses many of these funds on his "Moneytalk" radio show. He also recommends some of these in his "Marketimer" newsletter.

Fund Name
Symbol Price as of 07/31/2008 YTD Returns
as of
Price Yield
500 Index Fund Inv VFINX $116.85 2.16%
CA IT Tax-Exempt Investor VCAIX $10.73 3.80%
Emerging Mkts Stk Idx Inv
VEIEX $28.03
European Stock Index Inv
VEURX $33.82
Extended Mkt Index Inv VEXMX $36.78 0.88%
GNMA Fund Investor Shares VFIIX $10.22 5.04%
High-Yield Corp Fund Inv
VWEHX $5.46 9.15%
Inflation-Protect Sec Inv VIPSX $12.62 0.96%
Inter-Term Bond Index Inv VBIIX $10.31 5.05%
International Growth Inv
VWIGX $21.32
Long-Term Bond Index VBLTX $11.17 5.75%
Pacific Stock Index Invs VPACX $11.32
Prime Money Mkt Fund VMMXX $1.00 2.21%
REIT Index Fund Inv
VGSIX $19.97 note
Short-Term Bond Index Inv VBISX $10.11 3.62%
Target Retirement 2025 VTTVX $12.45 2.82%
Tax-Exempt Money Mkt VMSXX $1.00 2.32%
Total Bond Mkt Index Inv VBMFX $9.99 4.72%
Total Int'l Stock Index
VGTSX $17.07
Total Stock Mkt Idx Inv VTSMX $30.98 1.99%
Brinker Model Portfolio #1

Brinker Model Portfolio #2

Brinker Model Portfolio #3

Kirk's Explore Portfolio


The big winner was Vanguard's Inflation Protected Securities fund, VIPSX, up 4.58% YTD

The big losers were international stocks down 15 to 16% while the S&P500 was not far behind down about 13% (12.70%) YTD.

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It has not been a good year to be fully invested in the stock market, especially if you write a newsletter called "Marketimer."
Last weekend, Bob Brinker said:
  • Caller Gary: “I was just wondering what your opinion was on the market returning to its previous highs?

    .....some clarification....

    Brinker replied: “Oh, I would say within your time-frame of 1 to 3 years, would the market get to new all-time-highs in the S&P 500? For me I think the answer would be without question – that would be my opinion. Would the market get to new all-time-highs within your time-frame of 1 to 3 years? Yeah. For me, my opinion on that would be -- without question."

  • For the full discussion, see Bob Brinker Sees New Market Highs
For those of us who use asset allocation, lets hope Bob Brinker is correct and the markets make new highs in the next one to three years. It is more fun to listen to Brinker bash his "Bad News Bears" than it is to rehash Ginnie Maes!

Disclaimer: I own many of the funds listed and recommend many of them in my newsletter.

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